Limpopo Birding Routes

  • Crested Guineafowl - Derek Engelbrecht
  • Spoonbill - San3 de Wet
  • Mapungubwe, Limpopo River Valley - Sarah Venter
  • European Roller - Dalena Mostert
  • Birding at Kurisa Moya - Joe Grosel
  • Mopani Camp Sunset, Kruger National Park - Joe Grosel
  • Klein Letaba River, Giyani - Joe Grosel

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Upcoming Events

LBJ Identification Workshop

18 May 2018 - 20 May 2018

This two-day course by Joe Grosel deals with a practical identification process for tackling these notoriously difficult groups, including Pipits, Larks, Warblers and Cisticolas. Theoretical and practical instruction will be conducted in the Polokwane Game Reserve, home to a challenging variety of ‘little-brown-jobs’.

The cost of the course is R970/person. This includes course fees and all course material including colour identification keys, guided field outings, park entrance, and lunch on Saturday. Accommodation options are available on request.

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Beginners Birds

25 May 2018 - 27 May 2018

The Friends of Nylsvley and Nyl floodplain are hosting a Beginners Bird course by Geoff Lockwood. This informative course will help new birders to recognise the main characteristics for identifying birds.

The cost is R900 per person, which includes 2 nights’ accommodation, meals and training fees.

Booking is essential, contact Marion: 083 455 1736 / 012 667 2183

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Raptor Course

30 August 2018 - 02 September 2018

SANParks Honorary Rangers Limpopo Region invite you to join leading birding expert and ecologist Joe Grosel on an exciting three day programme which introduces participants to a practical identification system whereby the entire region’s raptor species can be recognised. Apart from the identification aspect, interesting subjects relating to the life histories and ecology of each species is also covered. The event will take place in the Letaba Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park, which due to its locality, offers some of the best raptor viewing on the continent. Activities for the weekend will include morning and afternoon bird and game spotting drives on open game-viewing vehicles in the company of Joe Grosel and Park Rangers. All proceeds from the weekend will be for the Honorary Rangers Environmental Fund.

For more information contact Charles Hardy:

| 083 457 1721 | |

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Latest News & Sightings

Upcher’s Warbler! Southern Africa’s Second Confirmed Sighting!

22 April 2018

In April 2018 Jody de Bruyn was birding in the Makotopong area, about 25km north east of Polokwane on the Capricorn-Letaba Birding Route. It was early morning and he was just about to leave when he spotted a peculiar-looking warbler foraging on the outside of a bush.

“The bird looked very grey and had a dark lengthy tail. These are some more features that I managed to see while photographing the bird...  It had dark blue-grey legs and feet and a predominantly yellow-orange bill, which looked fairly long with a wide base. It seemed to have some white eye-ring and I didn't notice an eyebrow stripe going past the eye. It had plain lores, with plain cheeks. It had white outer-tail feathers and very slight white tips to the tail. There was uneven spacing of the tertial feathers and a noticeable white wing panel on the secondaries.

I tried to match this bird to any of the common migrant warblers that we find in our region, but none of them seem to fit the features and general "giss" of the bird. Puzzled at what species this could be I sent an e-mail to a few local experts, who in turn sent e-mails to experts around the world. The overall feeling was that this bird was an Upcher's Warbler, which was confirmed by warbler expert Peter Kennerley, co-author of the book "Reed and Bush Warblers".

The Upcher's Warbler spends its wintering months in East Africa and commonly migrates to countries such as Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania. This means that the bird I spotted was about 3,500km away from where it should be found, making this a remarkable record. So, there we have it – the second confirmed sighting of an Upcher's Warbler in the Southern African region!” – Jody de Bruyn

IBA BirdLasser Challenge

02 April 2018

The Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas BirdLasser Challenge focuses on the network of 112 sites identified by BirdLife South Africa’s Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA) Programme. These IBAs are critical for the long-term survival of bird species that are globally threatened, have a restricted range or are confined to specific biomes or vegetation types. It is believed that the national IBA network holds more than 750 bird species, the challenge is see how many can be recorded in one year. It is hoped that valuable data about the distribution of birds within the IBA network will be collected. IBA’s in Limpopo are: Mapungubwe National Park, Kruger National Park and adjacent areas, Soutpansberg, Blouberg, Wolkberg Forest Belt, Polokwane Nature Reserve, Waterberg System, Nyl River Floodplain and Northern Turf Thornveld. To find out more about each IBA, go to

To take part, go to:

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Cape Parrot Bags

01 April 2018

Look out for these beautiful Cape Parrot bags which are now for sale at Woolworths. They cost R35 each, R10 of which will be donated to BirdLife South Africa’s IBA Programme. Funds raised through this initiative will go towards helping to safeguard the remaining patches of Cape Parrot habitat, and supporting the annual Cape Parrot census. Read more at:

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