Limpopo Birding Routes

Soutpansberg Limpopo Birding Hotspots


Burnt-necked Eremomela - Derek Engelbrecht

This area falls between the open flats to the west and the wetter areas to the east, the vegetation is dominated by mixed bushveld. A wide variety of warblers, waxbills, indigobirds and robins can be seen. Orange-winged Pytilia and Short-clawed Lark have also been seen in the south-eastern section. 

Bronze-winged Coursers – Derek Engelbrecht
Manavhela Ben Lavin Nature Reserve

Manavhela Ben Lavin Nature Reserve is situated 12km from Louis Trichardt / Makhado, below the foothills of the Soutpansberg. This 2,500 hectare reserve was originally donated to the Wildlife Society and then handed over to the Manavhela community. It is comprised of mixed bushveld and arid thornveld, with riparian woodland along the dry watercourses. Around 230 bird species can be found, including the Gorgeous Bush-Shrike, Bronze-winged Courser, African Harrier-Hawk and Marico Flycatcher. There are also plains game species such giraffe, zebra and wildebeest, but no dangerous animals. The reserve is also of archaeological significance with ruins dating back to 1250 AD. The 45km road network and 18km of hiking trails makes Manavhela Ben Lavin Nature Reserve a great destination for hikers, bird enthusiasts, and mountain cyclists to explore. There is also an open-air restaurant which offers catering for small and large groups by arrangement.

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